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The Engarde Live service

the Engarde Live service allows to display on a website the evolution of the matches on the pistes.
The display is refreshed every second if the network conditions allow this.
These elements are displayed: :

  • Name, Country, Flag, Picture of the fencer if the organizer can provide it
  • Score, Lamps, Cards
  • Chrono, round, priority

Hardware Configuration

The LIVE service requires the connection of pistes apparatuses to Engarde.
The following apparatuses are compatible:

  • AllStar
    • FMA-02 with external case to convert RS232 to RS422
    • Tactile apparatus with a modified Cyrano Protocole and an ethernet interface.
  • Favero FA-07 Cyrano Protocole ethernet interface
  • Marciano:
    • SG21 with RS422 interface
    • SG21 with LCD screen Cyrano Protocole avec interface ethernet
    • SG31 with a RS422 interface
    • WSG31 Cyrano Protocole ethernet interface
The Engarde Live service needs a fast broadband internet connection in the room to transmit the data to the website. The network throughput need is proportional to the number of connected pistes. The Internet connection dedicated to the Live must not be spoiled by other uses.


To access the Engarde LIVE service you have to:

  • Own a valid Engarde Pro Licence , the version of Engarde should be at least the 9.55
  • Own an account on engarde-service.com, to register click hereInscription
  • Send an email to contact@engarde-escrime.com
    The email has be sent at least a week before the competition.
    This email has to mention the main data of your account: The organism, the event and the identifier of the competition to activate it.
    Please also mention whether it is a local, national, international competition or a world cup and give the number of connected pistes and the approximate number of fencers
On probation until November 15 2012 the access to Engarde LIVE is free. Then it will be charged 20€ for a competition.
This tariff is not applicable to Continental and World Championships

Activation in Engarde

To activate the Live in Engarde, you first have to login to engarde-service.com with the WEB/ HTTP Paramters menu.
A window appears. Type in the identifier of your organism, the identifier of the event and the identifier of your competition then click on the "Connection" button.
This activates the diffusion of the results through http.

To activate the Live, click on "Activate".

The Live is active, you can modify the settings as you need:
  • Refresh: Allow you to set the refresh rate for the ongoing matches page and thus adapt it to network conditions.
  • Suppress: Allow you to set the persistence of the matches, in particular completed ones.
  • Send only the score changes: allow to reduce the data output when serveur load is important.

Ongoing matches

The page of ongoing matches give a preview of all the available matches with live coverage for the competition
This page allows choosing one of these matches to a Showpiste style of display with all the information on the match.

Online Showpiste

Showpiste is the page that displays all the details of a match.
The use of photos requires:

  • the organizer has the authorization to publish photos of the fencers on the Internet
  • the organizer has to provide to the site the photos of the fencers in a .jpg format with a size less than 100 Kb

Test of the service

To avoid some issues, it is strongly recommended to proceed with tests before the competition.
To make tests, you can create competitions with Test property on:

You can test hit by hit in Engarde without connecting piste apparatuses.
How to do this:
  1. open or create a competition in Engarde, connect to engarde-service.com and activate LIVE,
  2. click on "poule" or "tableau" according to the current stage of the compétition, check that pistes and hours are defined (menu Pistes/Allocation of pistes and hours),
  3. open the table of the pistes ( Pistes/Table of the pistes menu),
  4. add a piste. A window opens, choose "Manual" and "Ok",

  5. double click on the piste in the table, a window opens, click on the button "Next match". The name of the fencers appears, you can modify the score and test that changes are appearing correctly on the website.

  6. To see the results of your competition and the ongoing matches, please use the "Web site" buttons of the "HTTP parameters" window: