engarde-service: fencing competitions managed with Engarde


engarde-service is a free website for publishing fencing competition results on the Internet, for competitions managed with Engarde (Basic or PRO license).

The list of participants can be published before the beginning of the competition and the results as soon as they are entered in Engarde.

To be able to publish results on engarde-service, competition organizers must create an account for their organization (usually a club). Then they can declare tournaments, which are competition groups, and competitions.

In Engarde, when a competition is open, the web menu allows you to connect it to the engarde-service site. The identifiers of the organization, the tournament and then competition must be provided, as well as the password. Once the competition is connected, Engarde regularly sends two types of data on the website: HTML pages and data for Engarde Smart.

Detailed explanations

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