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Who We Are

ST37 has been founded by Carlos Pineda who is a pre-olympic fencer , pioneer for the FIE Atlas video-refereeing system and its official provider. Multiple engineer (specialized in systems integration and automatization), MBA and entrepreneur, he ensures the quality of the service in compliance with official requirements.

ST37 took shape in the Silicon Docks of Dublin and was established in 2018 in France. It specializes in automated and intelligent (AI) video-analysis solutions. For the Sports market, in particular for Fencing, ST37 provides video-refereeing, video-streaming and video-analysis.

ST37 has acquired the FIE approved "Atlas" video-refereeing system of the Spanish Fencing Federation (RFEE), used for more than 12 years and in more than 20 countries.

ST37 has acquired the FIE approved "Engarde" software. A robust and international competition organization software for fencing, used for over 40 years in 51 countries.

ST37 has developed Skouting Video Refereeing, a new video solution using artificial intelligence (AI).


Democratization and simplification of AI use through an intelligent assistance to help real-time decision-making and improvement.


Provide people worldwide with helpful and real time information with intelligent video analysis.